Game is Art #2

8 months ago

List of games: Detroit׃ Become Human, Halo Wars 2, Heathen, Homefront׃ The Revolution, Horizon Zero Dawn, Injustice 2, Prey, Prey for the Gods, The ...

Transistor - First Boss - Sybil

3 years ago

First boss in Transistor, Sybil. Song is called "In Circles" Must admit this game is art to me like Bastion was.

The Unique Art of Video Games

3 years ago

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HELP ME PERSTON! Dragon Apocalypse w/Nooch & Preston (Minecraft Mini-Game)

4 years ago

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Minecraft isn't just a game. It's an art form.

5 months ago

Minecraft maps are unique worlds, but they can also be an art form. Thanks to Blockworks for sharing their process: The images come ...

Melisa Camba - Waiting (Carner & Gregor)

3 days ago

Months ago, New York based composers, Sam Carner and Derek Gregor sent me a song about a performer who settles in being a waitress whilst waiting for her ...

If a game is art...

5 years ago

I briefly explain what I think has been a common misconception in the argument about whether games are art and what I think is necessary for a game to quality ...

♧ CommunityFPS ♧ "Game is Art Make it Alive" Trailer [HD]

6 years ago

LIRE LA DESCRIPTION* Voici un magnifique montage de EviL PYROM4N et EviLNitr0 Player : Player ...

"Game is Art Make it Alive" Trailer [HD]

6 years ago

Mettez en 720 p HD : Le voila, le trailer du futur gros montage allez bon visionnage ! lien pour le download :

Shroomed - Energy

4 months ago

Ya boy is trying to bring the ENERGY to Spring Summit 2017 Smashers think they know how to rap, but this is what happens when DaJuan Energy McDaniel ...


1 month ago

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Cities Skylines Urban Planning: Episode 15 - The Hybrid Power Plant

2 years ago

Cities Skylines Urban Planning ▻ The Hybrid Power Plant. How to supply electricity to a small island nuclear power? How to use wind turbines when the wind ...

Okami Pt 1: This Game...IS ART!!!

5 years ago

What is a 1 hour challenge? It's when I give you 2 half hour episodes of 2 games and the game that accumulates the most views/likes becomes a full time LP.

How J-Mod Meetings Go

11 months ago

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to plan future updates with a team of awesome JAGEX MODERATORS?! Well look no further! Actually - please do.

League of Legends Is Not Just a Game ... Is ART ...

4 years ago

League of Legends Is Not Just a Game ... Is ART ... Best league of legends moments.

Dragonball EVOLUTION Part 3 - TFS Plays - TFS Gaming

8 months ago

THIS GAME IS ART. Riff Commentary Track Link: Like what you see? Subscribe: ...

Are Video Games Art?

2 years ago

Who's playing who in this argument? Originally aired on June 3, 2013. See more at our Site: Get some Awesome T-Shirts here ...

FEZ (pc) - silent commentary

4 years ago

Say what you want about Phil Fish this game is art.

Orchids to Dusk | Gameplay | This game is art!

2 years ago

Free Download: Thanks for watching as always. Leave a ranting and comment, thanks. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: ...

Game Is Art

4 years ago

A voiceover/dramatic video on how gaming is not just all bad and the victim. Where one is able to find goodness in games, just by simply art. A short film for the ...